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These Gross Things Could Be Hiding in a Swimming Pool

These Gross Things Could Be Hiding in a Swimming Pool

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It’s a fact that swimming pools are one place you’d want to relax in on a hot, summer day. They’re surely the perfect place to cool off, so if you have one in your own backyard, consider yourself lucky! Not many people can afford a pool. If you’ve got one in your property, however, make sure you’ve done what it takes to keep it fully clean and free of bacteria. Take some time to inspect your pool for any issues, then make sure to hire a pool cleaning service for a more thorough clean. That way, you can save yourself from the threat of these gross dangers:


Asthma-inducing Particles

Chlorine has been found to be a catalyst in the development of asthma in both adults and children. A reaction happens when chlorine mixes with sweat, urine, skin, and hair, triggering the development of such bacteria. Although chlorine is a chemical disinfectant, there’s certainly a set limit to adhere to when it comes to your pool’s chlorine level.


Recreational Water Illnesses

This is what you call the germs that spread via contaminated pool water. You usually catch these when you accidentally swallow water at the pool. Common manifestations of RWI are gastrointestinal, skin, ear, respiratory, and eye infections. The most common is actually diarrhea.


E. Coli

This is mostly associated with germs that stem from fecal matter. Although you actually won’t (and shouldn’t) find anyone doing their business in the pool, these germs often enter the water due to people not showering before diving!



Are you aware that one in five Americans has admitted to peeing in the pool? Pee in the pool actually gets in the way of the flow of chemicals meant to kill germs. So not only will you be swimming in contaminated water, you’ll also be exposed to high levels of hazardous bacteria.


Truly gross indeed! In these cases, be sure to hire a reliable pool cleaning service for effective sanitation and maintenance. If you live in Moreno Valley, CA, call CR Quality Pool Service now at (951) 421-8854 for inquiries.

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