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The Most Common Swimming Pool Repairs

The Most Common Swimming Pool Repairs

Professional Pool Maintenance Service: What Could Go Wrong With Your Pool?

Constructing a swimming pool in your backyard comes with many questions. When will I need a professional pool maintenance service, how often do I have to call a pool repair company, are some of them. Even though owning a pool is an excellent way to develop healthy habits, it can also be the source of many problems. What are the most common failures that can happen to it?

Cracks in the pool walls. Cracks in the underwater walls of your concrete swimming pool are a serious issue. They look scary. Usually, they are spotted in the corners, behind the tile line, or in the bond beam of your pool. Make sure you find a licensed and insured residential pool maintenance service provider to get all your ugly cracks fixed and resurfaced.

  • Pump motor problems. The pump motor is a vital part of every pool. It has many moving components which can easily break down. Unfortunately, most of the homeowners do not realize how much the pool water quality can be affected by the proper functioning of the motor pump. Contaminated water is just one of the bad effects of this failed part. If you notice any unusual behavior, call the specialists right away.

  • Issues with the lining of your swimming pool. This essential part keeps the water inside your pool, where it belongs. So, when something goes wrong, like for example, tears in the lining, you need to take the relevant action and call a reputable pool repair company to inspect the problem immediately. The crew will most probably be able to patch up small tears, while patching larger ones means entire lining replacement.

  • Filter issues. As you can imagine, filters play a critical role in the cleanliness of your pool water. In order to avoid unpleasant healthy problems, change them on a regular basis. Normally, this is enough. However, sometimes, they may suffer from different malfunctions. If the water in your swimming pool is starting to change its color and becomes cloudy, call the pros.

  • Problems with the pool lights. There is nothing more frustrating than planning a party with friends around a pool, with the lights off and dark water. Just like the bulbs in your house, the ones in your pool must be replaced regularly. Also, they may experience some more serious issues and then, the intervention of a dependable pool maintenance technician will be needed.

You can count on CR Quality Pool Service for all kinds of pool problems and repairs. Call the professional pool maintenance service technicians in Moreno Valley, CA at (951) 421-8854 now.