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The Basics of Proper Pool Care

The Basics of Proper Pool Care

Affordable Pool Cleaning Service Basics

So your dream has finally come true and you already have a large swimming pool. But now what? How to keep the water sparkly clean? These are the questions most pool owners ask themselves. Of course, the best you could do is find an affordable pool cleaning service provider and ask for professional advice or read the following tips.

  • Circulation. In order to swim in clean water, it has to have proper circulation. That’s ensured by a pump that moves it through a filter that has to remove dirt and debris and send it back to your pool. But for how long do you have to run the pump? Well, that will depend mainly on the size of your pool.

  • Filtration. How does the filtration system work? We have already mentioned that its purpose is to eliminate any contaminants of the water. But you should not leave the whole job to it. You have to skim the debris on a daily basis. Otherwise, your filters will soon get clogged, creating the ideal environment for algae growth.

  • Swimming pool testing. Every specialist would tell you that the key to successful residential pool maintenance is testing the water on a regular basis. You have to check its pH and chlorine levels every week. If the chemicals are not balanced, some adjustments have to be done.

  • Vacuuming and brushing. To keep your pool water clean and safe, you have to use a special swimming pool vacuum cleaner and a brush. Occasional vacuuming and brushing will remove all dirt and calcium deposits on the walls and floor, which will help the filters work more efficiently.

You can count on CR Quality Pool Service for high-quality and affordable pool cleaning service jobs. If you reside in Moreno Valley, CA and have any questions about our professional pool cleaning service, you can reach us at (951) 421-8854.

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