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Hire a High-Quality Pool Cleaning Service!

Pools are quite the commodity during hot summer days, and create a great ambiance for social events as well! But only if they are clean and well-maintained. If you are in Moreno Valley, CA and have a pool in need of attention, CR Quality Pool Service is the reliable pool cleaning service provider for you! You may put your trust in our many years of expertise and a long line of happy clients. You will find our rates to be affordable and our services exemplary.

CR Quality Pool Service is a licensed and insured company providing maintenance and repairs, as well as an expert pool cleaning service, which is why we know exactly how important it is to not leave loose debris floating in the water. This is because they might get sucked into and jam the filters which will then need servicing. By hiring us for cleaning you are actually saving yourself future repair costs. We use the appropriate tools to reach and safely remove any detritus that have landed in your pool. If the water needs to be purified we could implement a chlorine treatment to sanitize it fully.

You can hire our reliable pool cleaning service monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or choose any frequency that fits into your schedule. We can clean the cover fabric for your pool as well. We will also do an inside-out cleaning including scrubbing down the tiles, clean the pump and skimmer, even check and adjust the filter pressure as needed. We have specialized equipment to test the purity of the water which can tell us if the water is due for a chemical treatment. We understand that your skin and eyes are very sensitive, and your health and safety are our number one concern! This is why we will be sure to maintain the proper PH balance of your pool water. Our services are thorough but quick and you will have no inconvenience from our visits!

To get a free estimate, learn about our discounts and hire our services, please contact us at (951) 421-8854! We aim to be your first call for a dependable pool cleaning service in Moreno Valley, CA!

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